Rider Feedback

Riders from all over the world have discovered the unique physical results that come from upgrading the engine that drives their bike.

From national, state and local champions to weekend warriors, someone that rides just like you do is using and enjoying the benefits of the MTB Strength Training System.

“Almost immediately, I felt stronger and more in tune with my body. I did a private session with James, and I learned a ton about recruiting my glutes. They’re the biggest muscles in our bodies, and we hardly use ’em.

I feel great. This spring I rode less XC and road, but somehow I’m climbing stronger. I feel very stable, and I feel like no matter what happens, I can handle it. In four weeks I’ve dropped my 2.4-mile climb home from 18 minutes to 14. Pushing the DH bike up Left Hand Canyon has never been easier. At Sea Otter I felt superhuman. Dude: 2nd in semipro slalom qualifiers – that is awesome for me!

On a busy day when I can’t ride, James’ one-hour workout works me hard and gives me the confidence I’m doing the right thing. I trust the guy, and doing what he says feels easy (mentally, not physically!).

I really dig the MTB Strength Training System. It’s teaching me a lot about my body, it’s making me strong, it’s adding variety to my workouts, and it’s actually pretty fun. Most of us can benefit from increased mobility, stability, strength and power. If you’re willing to put in the work, I recommend James Wilson’s program.”

Lee McCormack

Author – Mastering Mountain Bike Skills



“As an elite athlete on the NORBA circuit for the last 10 years, I’ve always strived for an edge over my competition. With sponsorships and money at stake, every edge I can get is important. I knew what a good strength and conditioning program could do for me. I came across James Wilson from MTB Strength Training System through SponsorHouse.  I chose his program based on the fact that his workouts were strictly based on the demands of mountain bike riding and racing.   After the first workout I could tell that it was completely different than anything else I had come across and would definitely make an impact on my riding. I’m very excited for the 2007 racing season. With James and his unique program in my corner I’m going to make it tough for anyone to snatch the NORBA 4X National Champion title away from me.”  

Rich Houseman – 2006 NORBA Mountain Cross National Champion/ 2007 US Open Champion

YETI / Fox Racing Factory SponsorHouse TEAM HOUSEMAN


“I have finally really started my fall training and your program rocks! In my 19 years as a professional athlete and coach I have never had or taught a workout program this effective. When I first talked to you about your program I thought it was very similar to what I have learned and developed for myself and my clients. Wow, was I wrong!

Your strength training program is different and better than anything I have tried in the past. There is an old saying that goes something like “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results”. Well this year I expect to have more snap, better control and most of all more fun because your program is going to make me stronger than ever.

Thank you…”

Gene Hamilton

UCI World Masters Championship Silver and Bronze Medalist

Owner/ Operator of Better Ride Skills Camps




I just finished my season with the “Last Chance for Glory” race at Plattekill last weekend. It was double points and I managed to land 2nd place for enough points to win the series and become the Expert 30-39 New York State Champion. I have been working at this for 3 seasons now and I finally got it done. I’m super motivated to get started training and come back dominate next season.

Thanks for everything.”
Sean Tarricone


“Just having a chance to write.  I just finished my first back to back national weekends where I made the main in my class all 4 races.  This last Sunday, I won my first national ever!  Definitely seeing the results of your strength program, thanks again!”

Ken Robison


“I can’t tell you how excited I am to crush the competition starting in April. Since I began working with you, not only have I become stronger and more mobile than I ever thought possible, but I have a new secret weapon….mad huge confidence! 

10 years ago I tore my ACL and meniscus in my right knee playing soccer. It was reconstructed; I completed physical therapy, and began racing mountain bikes. 4 years later, I tore my ACL and meniscus in my right knee again while dirt jumping.   It was again reconstructed, and I continued to race my mountain bike. But my knee was never the same. 

It felt weak, and I was scared to use it like my undamaged left knee. This is how it felt until I started working with you. Just 5 weeks into the program, and my right knee feels almost normal again! It honestly has not felt this good in 10 years. That, in my opinion, is concrete evidence that your program works. I would recommend it to anyone who really wants to take their mountain biking, or any other sport for that matter, to the highest level they can. 

When I show up at the start gate for Downhill or Super-D, I’m going to look around and have a little laugh, because I know I’m going to bring the pain to everyone else there!!! Thanks! Now… let’s win a National Title!!”

Ryan Cranston – Pro Downhill and Super-D

MRP Brand Manager


“Brian Head was a great success and huge milestone for me. In the Super D I bettered my last year’s time by 7 minutes! I won the Downhill by less than 1 second and beat one of my greatest rivals who kicked my butt last year in Mammoth. I felt very strong and focused and I am very happy with the results of my training.

As a side note, I have been getting a lot of compliments on my riding and stamina. Everyone is noticing the difference. I went back to finish getting my road bike fitted and she noticed the change in my body fat and muscle definition. I am constantly spreading the word about your program!!!”

Nancy Harris

Expert Level DH and Super D Racer


“Although I have only been focusing on your program for a little over a month, I’ve begun to notice results everywhere (XC and DH… everywhere).  I never really realized how much you go anaerobic in just regular trail/XC riding.  I’ve found myself, that rather than just riding and climbing, I’m playing more.  I look for stuff to jump off of, climb over boulders, and sprint up steeps with more energy than I ever had before…even when I rode a lot of road. 

I think the most valuable thing, besides my obviously stronger core, were those box squats where you squat down and explode as soon as you touch the box.  The first few workouts made me realize how completely un-explosive I was. 

On the trail it was noticeable how much faster I could yank the bike up and over stuff.  Some of the trail riding I do here is extremely technical and requires an obscene amount of body English.   This improvement became most apparent on technical descents, where you are struggling to carry speed, and one mistake can cut your momentum in half. 

Yesterday I went for a long trail ride with some very technical descents.  Even though I’m sick, and struggled on the climbs, I was stoked to ‘snap’ way more than I used to.  I was able to pull and pump HARDDDD on the descents.  Rather than just “unweighting” over the rough stuff, I was actually able to gap things and carry ludicrous speed into the next section. 

I had two very fast riders chasing me, both of whom I respect a lot, and I couldn’t help but smile as I sat and waited at the next junction for them to catch up (smiling although I was hacking up a lung because of the bronchitis).  I just felt “on it”.   

You know, the fact that I can’t breath, but could still pull it out on the descents is probably completely owed to the anaerobic conditioning I’ve been doing. 

Thanks for your program, and your obvious continued concern and support for the athletes using it.”

Scott Brafford


“Just wanted to let you know how much your program has helped me. I just got back from Angel Fire where I got first place in the Expert 4X race. I’ve always been competitive but this year I could tell that I was going to win. Just like you said, I was as fresh and fast in the finals as I was in the first heat, something that has never happened before. It really was an unfair advantage over the rest of the guys.

I love how simple but effective the plan is. The workouts take less than an hour and they really impact your riding. After only a few weeks I definitely noticed that I was riding stronger and faster. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the upcoming racing season. After wasting my time with bodybuilder workouts I know I’m more prepared than ever.”

Austin Tanner

Expert Level DH and Mountain Cross Racer


“I’ve been doing your bodyweight / core program for the past 5 weeks (added weights to the workout for the last 2 weeks) and the results have been unreal! Heaps more drive in my legs while riding, less fatigue / pain in my lower back and way more flexibility. I’m stoked!”

Ryan Gardiner

DH Racer

Queensland, Australia


“I wanted to take the time to put my thoughts together as I am a big, big fan of your program and of your educational approach.  I am truly impressed with the amount of effort you put into this and I am constantly re-reading the different sections in the program.  

To be honest I wasn’t too sure if my riding would directly benefit from this program.  I’m a XC rider and at first I sort of thought that this was more geared towards the more physical styles of riding.  I did choose to go for this mainly because I felt I needed to do “weights” but had no idea how to approach this and your program fit my need.  I sort of saw my riding and “doing weights” as two separate things.  I now know and see that this program has and will continue to benefit my riding.  There were issues I’ve had to deal with for the longest time such as an imbalance in strength and flexibility, and lower back pains after riding rough trails for extended periods of time and your program definitely addresses these.  

I even signed up for your first teleconference.  I got home too late to catch the beginning but was really glad you made it available as a download.  I put the MP3 on my iPod and plugged it into my car.  I’ve listened to it twice already on my drive to and from work.  I was fairly familiar with the material as I’d already read your program but did get more out of it.  You should think about turning this into a Podcast even if it’s only once a month, I think you’ll find people really flocking to this simply from word of mouth.  

At this point I can only offer praise and little in terms of constructive feedback as I am really low on the development curve.  If I get any thoughts or questions, I’ll definitely send them your way.  

Big kudos to you and I wish you great success with this.”  

Santiago Oleas


“I have been following your program for a few months now and I just wanted to let you know how it was going. As I mentioned to you before I am feeling much stronger in all of my daily activities, not just in my mountain biking. This carryover was an unexpected but very welcome side effect of the program. Also, I would like to mention how much I feel that it has impacted my riding as an ultra-endurance rider. Most mountain bikers that participate in XC, 24 hour and marathon races do not feel that strength training has much to offer them but as someone who does these types of riding I can tell you that they are certainly missing the boat.

My riding is stronger than ever and this program has even helped my riding endurance. Long story short, I am hesitant to recommend this program to my fellow competitors because I feel that it is going to give me an edge over them but I am so impressed with the program that I feel it would be wrong to keep it all to myself.”

Nate Wilson

XC and Marathon Racer


“The difference in my core strength utilizing some of the torso training stuff has been very noticeable even with the short time.  I was doing 8 min abs before, my stomach felt strong, but my back was hurting and I just didn’t feel all that powerful.  The dumbbell swing has made the back pain nearly disappear and I just feel really strong with lifting movements.”  

Scott DeLeeuw


“Just wanted to let you know that I’ve lost a couple of more pounds and I’m seriously seeing huge improvements in my strength and speed. I met with Oggy (my 4X coach) today and I’m happy to say that not only did I keep up a grueling six hours worth of practice, but I stayed strong all day. In fact, I’ve never ridden faster or stronger. My sprints, which have always been a strength, have become notorious at the track and the days of people agreeing to do some head to head race practice are gone.

Also, I read your sponsorhouse.com message to your athletes as well and I agree. You are offering a completely unique deal. You’re not the maker of bike parts… you are the maker of bikers. If somebody is serious about getting the best upgrades for their bikes then MTB Strength Training System is the best upgrade they can make. Seriously, I’m not saying this for brownie points here.

Thanks for setting up this kind of program. I can’t wait to see how far I can take this!”
Bob Burnes


“From MTB and BMX to all of my board sports, MTB Strength Training has helped me greatly. I feel 100 times more flexible and my body is much more responsive. I love the stretching techniques and workout routines, never before had I received so much benefit until I began this training system. No bike part, accessory or anything can compare to the results I got from MTB Strength Training!!”

Cody L. Clark



The training is going well. I have started your new Ultimate MTB Workout program and I’m just blown away by it. I can see that you have probably spent a long time getting it together as it is quite comprehensive. You were right when you said to start with Phase 1… it schooled me the first week. With daylight savings now I am able to get more time on the bike during the week and my strength is really starting to translate to the bike.  

The strength training is going great. I feel stronger than I have ever been. I weigh in at 130 now and I’m able to deadlift 215 for 10 sets of 3 on a good day. The new workouts are going great, I specially like the anaerobic intervals at the end. I gave the race winners a shot the other day and all I can say is WOW. I am also now able to do full range of motion dips again after destroying one of my shoulders in a catastrophic front wheel failure 2 years ago.  

All and all everything is going great and the program is terrific. I’m glad you laid it all out there for those of us that have been on a quest for anything to make us faster and stronger over the past few years.  

Racing starts in May, I’ll keep you up to date, hopefully with some great podium news.”  

Sean Tarricone


“I have been an active regular foot snowboarder, skater, surfer, for 20 plus years. About 5 years ago I had back to back to back etc., right knee surgeries, somehow I wound up putting my right foot forward on my bike for the last 3 years, ( to take the pressure off the right knee) since I started your program( only 4 weeks into it) I found myself throwing that right foot in the back and descending with the left, I became smoother faster and I am riding with the correct foot forward now, its amazing, my right knee is still burning but it is getting better every ride, I am now transferring my board skills into my bike the way I should have been doing.”

Jeff Kuhn


“I just wanted to let you know that I had my first Super D race yesterday since I started your program. It was on a super pedally course where you had to power up the climbs to try to hang with the XC kids and I won. I felt really great on the bike pushing it that hard. The guy that got second to me won the NORBA Nationals at Sugar and Mt. Snow last year in expert XC 30-34, and the guy who took 3rd is a really fast DH rider. Just thought I would let you know.”  

Jeremy Raney

SEI Racing


“The MTB Strength Training System is a must for any serious rider. Over the past three months I’ve noticed greater flexibility, faster sprints and higher muscular endurance. I recommend this training system to anyone who wants to seriously improve their game.  

In the world of mountain bike racing where everything usually comes down to a few seconds, it’s nice to have a few extra minutes over the competition. That’s the edge of MTB Strength Training.”

Jason Shueh

Idaho State Champion

Expert Level XC


“Thanks for checking in. I did receive the info, and have done the first two days of Phase 1. So far everything is laid out really well. The video was helpful for a better understanding of the exercises. This is the first program I have tried that I feel like I will stick with; the time seems to pass very quickly while at the gym. For someone that works 65 hours a week I have had a hard time staying motivated to work out. I think your program is just what I need.”

Tait Rees


“As a former competitive body builder in the mid 90’s, and current 4x ripper, I thought I knew it all when it came to the strength and conditioning arena! Boy has James program opened my eyes. It is not your “conventional” training program but I can see were it will make me Faster/Stronger and less injury prone for this season. Thanks!”

Troy Cooperman via www.leelikesbikes.com


“Thanks for checking in!  My program has been great and I have definitely made gains in both muscle strength and endurance.  As a former personal trainer (certified through ACSM & AFFA) I realize the impact this program will have on my riding.  Presently I am in the “in season” phase.  Sometimes I am only able to get in the gym 2 days a week but still love the workout and it is kickin’ my butt!! 

I recently placed 10th in the PRO downhill at the Virginia state championships.  It was my first time racing in the pro class(30-39 expert usually but I said what the hell) and have also won the North Carolina state Super D series(won 3 out of 3 races in my class).  So needless to say, I am very happy and have been plugging your program to all my bros.  Since I didn’t get started on the program until the season was underway, I really can’t wait to start from the beginning of the program when the race season is over.  Thanks so much for everything!!”
Andy DeVault


 “Hey James,

I hope all is going well for you.  Things are rolling on my end.  I’ve gotten into the groove on the workouts.  While I may have been a bit skeptical in the beginning, I’m a believer now.  I’m up at Whistler this week and it’s solidifying the importance of the exercises you’ve outlined.  It’s the first time I’ve felt the same burn during a work-out as I do on the trail….”

Clinton Fowler

Project 529.com


“I totally agree with everything Lee says above. I am not a competitive rider but doing the workout 3 days / week over the winter increased my strength quite a bit and gave me something bike oriented to do without getting bored. Now that the weather is better I am also down to twice per week (plus stretching more often) and as much riding as possible. I have found that I am MUCH more flexible and have become a stronger more aggressive and more fluid rider. With the increased risks I have taken some bigger spills but seem to avoid injury (so far) better than I used to. The overall benefit from this program is HUGE and the cost is less than two sessions with a trainer (who does not get mountain biking). Thanks James!”

Lou via www.leelikesbikes.com


“I have been using the MTB Strength Training program since November and I feel incredibly strong when I’m on my bike. In a recent DH race I was able to post a time within tenths of a second of some of my competitors I have never come close to before. Now when I go to a race I know I have the strength to compete for the podium. Even if you don’t race the added strength just up’s the fun factor when your on your bike.”

Sean via www.leelikesbikes.com


“I am about half way through you second phase. I am really enjoying the workout routine as they seem to pass the time very quickly. I have had a hard time working out in the past because time in gym just seemed to drag. I am definitely finding my weaknesses, and feel like this program is truly a full body workout. Not only is my fitness getting better but my energy levels are also much higher. I am on my feet for fourteen hours some days, and have found myself with enough energy to still go home and workout or ride.”


Tait Rees



Just thought I’d drop you an update. Last Sunday I did my first training ride of the season (and first using MTB). The coarse is an 11 mile loop with all the goodies you would come to expect up here in Northern Michigan! Anyway, at the end of last riding season, my average speed on this loop was 8.5 mph, and to my surprise when I checked my cycle computer at the end of this ride, I was at 8.5 mph!! My body felt as if I had just rode the week before, even though it had been about 4 months since I was in the saddle last.  

I’ll admit that I’m always suspicious when it comes to training programs, but I feel that MTB Strength Training IS the reason I felt so good. My first race is in two weeks, and I am stoked and ready to go! I’ll let you know the results of it. Thanks for everything.”  

Dave Scott


“Hey, quick thing – so far I am absolutely delighted with this program you’ve put together. As you said, part of the reason it works comes from you telling me what to do when – but that works because I trust that you’ve done the research and the grunt-work to figure it out. If you tell me to do something, I have faith it’s the right thing to do. I also really look forward to my work outs, though about by the time I get into the ab sequence and the reverse twists I start getting super sweaty. They are so intense! Really great. Thanks for everything, and I’m very happy I came across you!”  

Simon Boyce  


“Definitely seeing the returns. Last night I road with a bunch of roadies on my mountain bike. They were a pack of local road racers; 30 guys in the Cat. 3 and 2 range.

Every Thursday night they do a timed ride up to the ranger station on the local mountain, Mt. Diablo, Total elevatation to the half way point is about 2,500 feet. A good time to the ranger station on a road bike is about 27 minutes.  

I placed 5th with a time of 24.35 min on my mt. bike. All the roadies were pretty shocked.

This is just one of the things I’ve noticed. I’m also about 2 minutes faster in all of my timed rides on both the road and the mt. bike.  

Riding wise, I feel different. I feel like I’m able to transfer power more easily instead of just letting one muscle group get tired and then fading out.  

As far as racing goes, at Sea Otter I placed 14 out of 24 riders and I placed 4th at the Napa Valley dirt classic. The big races are coming near the end of June. I’ll be racing each weekend: cougar classic, Downieville XC, etc., Check my sponsorhouse webpage for results, photos and descriptions of the different events. Thanks again…”

Jason Shueh

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